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When Was The Last Time You Got a Good Night’s Sleep Due to Chronic Pain?

So many of us today experience pain as a daily part of our lives.

We are in pain doing the simplest activities and even have pain in our back, neck and shoulders while we’re trying to sleep.

Living with chronic pain is actually a disability that causes other health related side effects like insomnia and blood pressure problems.

But daily life doesn’t need to be this difficult . . .

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Introducing The JoyUps Acupressure Mat & Pillow

You may have heard of the JoyUps Acupressure Mat, which is often referred to as a “spike mat” or a “bed of nails”, and the JoyUps Acupressure Pillow.

acupressure mat pillow

These work wonders for people who are seeking a way to improve his or her health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re living with back pain, neck pain and/or shoulder pain, or just practice yoga, you can certainly experience the benefits derived from using these items.

Just lie down and relax!

The JoyUps Acupressure Mat and Pillow will handle the rest. Before long you will experience the following benefits:

The JoyUps Acupressure Mat and Pillow can help you relax by calming your busy mind like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Lying on the mat and pillow gives you that escape, allowing you time to concentrate on your body and overall wellbeing.

After using the mat and pillow you’ll find yourself sleeping soundly through the night.

If you’re the type that has problems falling or staying asleep, this spiky mat provides the perfect solution.

You’ll be lulled off and sleeping like a baby before you know it.

This is why people worldwide are clamoring to get the JoyUps Acupressure Mat and Pillow for themselves, their family and friends.

Regain Physical and Mental Wellness. Finally You Can…

good rest

Get a full night’s rest, without waking up sore.


Work in the garden… clean the house… or wash the car without hurting for days.

lift kids

Lift up your kids, without aching afterwards.

take off shoes

Take off your shoes, without wincing in pain.

How Can the JoyUps Acupressure Mat be so Effective?

The mat has 5,250 stimulation points. When these small stimulation points apply pressure to your skin, they stimulate the nerve endings which stimulates blood flow.

With increased blood circulation, your body becomes warm and releases pleasurable endorphins and oxytocin.

As a result, tight muscles relax and muscle pain subsides. Feelings of stress and anxiety dissipate.

The Most Effective & Simplest Daily Regimen You Could Ever Enjoy

acupressure pillow and mat

Enjoy the similar sensations and benefits of visiting a massage therapist or acupuncturist, without having to travel and pay the expensive fees.

Place the mat on hard surfaces like floors. Simply lie down topless on the acupressure mat for at least 20 minutes, relax, and let them take care of the rest.

The sensation you are looking for, in order for the acupressure mat to work optimally, is a “good” pain. Don’t worry if it stings a bit, this only means it is working! It´s completely harmless to lie for a longer period of time on the acupressure mat, or even to fall asleep for a while.

Use the JoyUps™ Acupressure Mat In Other Ways

Exclusive Bonus to Get Optimum Results – Yours FREE

Even better, you’ll get the “Relaxing Music Pro” complete album when you place an order at JoyUps.

Created by one of the best American artists Rick Moyer, this instant-download MP3 album offers you over 280 minutes of music designed to improve your mood and motivation.

Simply play it in your computer or smartphone while using your acupressure mat. Many say this is the best daily regimen they’ve ever tried.

relaxing music pro

Try the JoyUps Acupressure Mat & Pillow and Feel the Difference

You’ve probably tried other gimmicks to relieve stress and back pain, so it’s natural to feel a bit skeptical at first if none of the others really helped. But this mat and pillow are totally different.

If your back as been injured or strained and you carry muscle tension in your shoulders and upper back, you will experience incredible relief. You will be literally amazed that you’ve finally found something that actually can relieve all of that.

To put your mind at ease, you’re covered by our solid 30 days risk-free guarantee.

acupressure mat bag

Your Great Travel Companion

The JoyUps Acupressure Mat is great travel companion and it comes with a carrying bag. You can enjoy the benefits the mat offers and feel amazing wherever you go!

You can also remove the foam pad and just take along the spiked cover. This way, the acupressure mat will take up less space in your suitcase. While away, place the cover directly on your mattress. The acupressure mat can help you get a better night’s sleep, especially when you’re on the road.

You will finally be free of back, neck and shoulder pain as well as stiff muscles. You’ll be sleeping more soundly than you ever have and be in a much better mood as a result.

You’ll also have an improved range of motion in your neck after using the JoyUps Acupressure Pillow.

And best of all you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm as you take on the tasks of the day.


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