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Many people are having difficulty falling asleep at night due to various reasons. “Stress” and “Pain” are among the 2 common reasons.

At night, despite the fatigue, the stress, negative emotions and pain keeps you up.

You get stressed out, because you know that you really should be getting rest, and this makes falling asleep even more difficult.

Thus, the cycle of insomnia continues on and on, until you find something that, despite looking like a bed of nails, relieves your stress and pain, so you can fall asleep faster than ever before.

It sounds weird, but it’s true.

History & The Concept of Acupressure Mat

bed of nails

That amazing bed of nails is actually an acupressure mat. They are also known as sleep induction mat and acupuncture pad.

The mat is a derivative of acupuncture, an Ancient Chinese healing technique that stimulates pressure points in the body.

Acupuncture has been a popular therapy in several ancient cultures, including Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern for centuries.

acupuncture padThe mat uses small prongs or plastic cleats in the same fashion an acupressure therapist would use needles.

Yes, it might sound mildly masochistic – but don’t knock it until you try it!

According to ancient medicine techniques and philosophies, there are several important meridians (or bundles of energy) in the back.

These meridians run along the points in the body that tend to get tense: shoulders, neck, spine, and low back.

But with a little well-placed pressure, that tension can melt away.

Here’s How Acupressure Mat Works

You simply lie on the mat unclothed and let the cleats apply a small amount of pressure to the skin.

From there, according to a recent study, stress is released, your heart rate is reduced to a healthy rate for sleep, breathing slows and deepens, and circulation is subtly improved.

With this reduction in sympathetic nervous system reactions (fight or flight) and an elevated parasympathetic response (rest and digest), even people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can find relief.


Because with a heightened level of relaxation and improved circulation, the body will begin to release feel good hormones called endorphins and oxytocin. Muscles unwind and pain subsides.

The mat is most effective when placed on a hard surface, like a hardwood floor.

Simply lie down on the mat for at least 20 minutes.

blood circulationAt first, the spikes might be surprisingly sharp, but the “pain” is actually going to change to warmth (after 3 to 5 minutes) as the muscles begin to relax and blood flows more naturally.

You can use this to boost your 20-30 minutes super nap. It will also help you to fall asleep faster at night.

Yogis can even enjoy an acupressure mat during their final relaxation!

Scientifically Proven

With all the pseudo-scientific claims out there, you might be skeptical about the effectiveness of an acupressure mat.

While the acupressure mat is a device that has received very little medical attention up until now, the number of scientific studies on the efficacy is rapidly increasing.

acupressure mat reviewsSeveral case studies have been recorded that show just how well sleeping on an acupressure mat can work for someone suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.

The first study utilized the Lotus Masters AcuMat ECO in 1999. Conducted by Tanya Zilberter, Ph.D. and Jim Roman of the Community Holistic Health Center in the USA, the study had a test group of 126 participants. The questionnaire that the participants answered at the end of the study found that 98% of the respondents reported pain relief, 96% reported relaxation, 94% said they had improved sleep quality, and 81% said they had increased energy throughout the day.

Another study from 2012 (Hohmann et al.) entitled “The Benefit of a Mechanical Needle Stimulation Pad in Patients with Chronic Neck and Lower Back Pain: Two Randomized Controlled Pilot Studies,” and involved a number of sleep and acupressure specialists.

After the research was completed, the researchers reached the following conclusion:

“The outcome of the two studies…further supports the usefulness of the NSP [acupressure mat] as a representative of naturopathic therapies in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes.”

“…The results show that the [acupressure mat] significantly reduced pain ratings in patients suffering from chronic pain of the neck or the lower back… The effect was robust and stable even after a comparatively short treatment period (as daily treatments for 2 weeks). At least in NP [neck pain]…the treatment improved physical functioning and thus reduced the NP [neck pain] -related disability.”

sleep induction mat

Fall Asleep Faster with an Acupressure Mat

The fact that an acupressure mat and pillow set hit the ten pressure points associated with sleep is just the start to why you fall asleep faster using a mat than going without one.

There are four points in the cervical spine (neck) alone that have key roles in balancing stress, anxiety, and grief.

When these points are bound up with energy, it is no wonder that you become restless at night.

However, an acupressure mat and pillow would open the gates, letting the stress wash away so you can fall asleep swiftly and achieve deeper levels of rest.

best acupressure matThe other reason why an acupressure mat can help you fall asleep when you usually can’t is because of the pain relief.

Plus, you will also sleep better knowing that you are receiving healthy benefits for a rather low price.

Compared to the cost of traditional acupuncture or other therapies, an acupressure mat is a solid one-time investment that you can use whenever you have the time!

Aside from a successful night of restful sleep, here are the other benefits of acupressure mats:

  • Energy
  • Joint and muscle pain relief post-workout
  • Stress relief
  • Increased circulation – which also promotes cell reproduction, improved organ function, lower heart rate, and healthier skin
  • Sciatica and fibromyalgia relief
  • Improved sleep – which then brings about stronger immunity, enhanced memory, clearer thinking, and improved concentration throughout the day.

Here’s a video showing how acupressure mat works:

Final Thoughts on Acupressure Mats

Overall, if you are looking for a means to beat your insomnia and catch up on needed sleep, then an acupressure mat is a guaranteed way to induce deep REM sleep.

You won’t regret the purchase of a fabulous acupressure mat and pillow to use before you go to bed, especially since an acupressure mat typically costs around the price of a single acupuncture or massage session.

With the additional benefits of using one of these mats, you will not only sleep better, but your quality of life throughout the day will also improve greatly.

Give an acupressure mat a try today and experience a brand new day tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

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